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Ebonite Source

Шар для боулинга Ebonite Source – это настоящее открытие лета 2013 произведенное компанией Ebonite. Фиолетово – Черная комбинация поверхности шара Source XL 2000 сразу привлекла к себе внимание игроков.

Storm SYNC

Очередной очень сильный шар от компании Storm. Как считают в самом Storm – это самый сильный асимметричный шар до настоящего времени.

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Шары для боулинга

 Hy-Road Pearl
ОписаниеHy-Road Pearl
Black Widow Legend
ОписаниеВот и дождались. Как только Black Widow Legend появился на рынке – сразу пошли первые победы.
Blur Pearl
ОписаниеColumbia 300 разработала новую линейку шаров для боулинга.
Blur Solid
ОписаниеColumbia 300 разработала новую линейку шаров для боулинга.
Columbia 300 - Freeze
ОписаниеColumbia 300 presents the Freeze. This ball contains a modified version of the messenger core that was arguably one of t
Columbia Crazy Antics
ОписаниеOne of the most colorful and eye-catching balls on the market.
Columbia Disruption
ОписаниеThe Columbia Disruption comes in a 2000 grit Abralon sanding finish. The Veneer that was so popular on the Resurgence an
Columbia Eruption Pro
ОписаниеThis emergency orange Columbia Eruption Pro is sure to be a hot spot on the lanes.
Columbia Smack Down
ОписаниеDescription: Take a lesson from Columbia and Smack Down those pesky pins! This ball will pick up traction on the lanes b
Columbia Take Down
ОписаниеWe’ve laid the Smack Down on the competition and now we’re ready to take them down!
Cyclone Red / Purple / Yellow
ОписаниеSame great ball, new colors! When you need great performance that is easy on the budget, the Cyclone is the ball for yo
Ebonite Champion Bowling Ball
ОписаниеEbonite представил новый шар верхней линейки (High Performance product line) на 2013 год.
Ebonite Game Breaker 2 Gold
ОписаниеНа радость всем игрокам компания Ebonite выпустила новый Game Breaker 2 Gold.
Ebonite Game Breaker 3
ОписаниеEbonite Продолжает свою успешную линейку Game Breaker.
Ebonite Legacy
ОписаниеНовый шар для боулинга от компании Ebonite. Разработчики назвали его Legacy (Наследник) поскольку этот шар получил ядро
Ebonite Maxim Red/Purple/Blue
ОписаниеFor the bowler who puts a high priority on bowling in style, the most popular polyester ball in the world is ready
Ebonite Source
ОписаниеШар для боулинга Ebonite Source даст возможность любому боулеру получить отличное прохождение середины дорожки с яркой р
Eruption Pro Hybrid
ОписаниеColumbia 300 продолжает радовать своих поклонников. Новая версия Eruption Pro - Eruption Pro Hybrid.
Game Breaker 2
ОписаниеВот и дождались! По просьбе боулеров со всего мира Ebonite возобновило производство Game Breaker.
Hammer Cold Blood
ОписаниеGear up with the Hammer Cold Blood and knock the breath out of your competition. The NBT Pearl Coverstock will get this
Hammer Deadly Aim
ОписаниеВижу цель, не вижу препятствий – именно так можно охарактеризовать новый шар от компании Hammer.
Hammer Nail Titanium
ОписаниеThe Nail Titanium extends the success of our Nail series from last season by using the most popular polished coverstock
Hammer True Blood
ОписаниеHammer bowlers around the world have drawn First Blood. Now Hammerheads everywhere can fire at every spare with the TRUE
Hammer Vibe Cobalt Blue
ОписаниеCobalt Vibe combines our legendary Violent Reactive coverstock, originally featured on the Black Widow, with our proven
Hammer Wrench
ОписаниеHammer is adding another tool to your arsenal, introducing the Hammer Wrench. This ball will bring huge Skid/Flip react
ОписаниеHammer выпустил новый, по своему уникальных спеевый шар для боулинга.
ОписаниеСвершилось. Track вернул нам Heat.
Heat X-Treme
ОписаниеЛинейка шаров Heat самая культовая в истории бренда Track. Встречаем новый Heat X-Treme.
Hy-Road Solid
ОписаниеStorm is building on the sucess of the Hy-Road series with the Storm Hy-Road Solid.
Legion Solid
ОписаниеНовый шар от компании Track сразу завоевал своих поклонников.
N Sane Antics
ОписаниеColumbia 300 продолжает радовать своих поклонников новыми шарами.
Optimus Pearl
ОписаниеDescription: The Storm Optimus was inspired by the success of the Marvel Pearl.
ОписаниеДинамические свойства и форма Ядра CB-2 сделали работу Pivot достаточно уникальной.
Roto Grip Asylum
ОписаниеThe mid-performance ball by Roto Grip called the Roto Grip Asylum uses the Middle Roll 70 core.
Roto Grip Defiant Soul
ОписаниеWhoever said it’s impossible to be all things to all people hasn’t met me. The power to compose the perfect line down
Roto Grip Disturbed
ОписаниеSome say “winning isn’t everything.” Some say I need to relax. Relax, huh? Well, I’ve got news for them…
Roto Grip Hyper Cell
ОписаниеIntroducing Hyper Cell-the Roto Grip Cell line is back and better than ever.
Roto Grip Shout
ОписаниеJust because we’re fresh on the scene, don’t expect Scream and me to disappear into the corner like scared little puppie
Roto Grip Totally Defiant
ОписаниеThe Roto Grip Defiant sports a Paragon Core (14-16) covered in the MicroBite Solid Reactive Coverstock.
ОписаниеRoto Grip uses the Cage core and the 76H hybrid reactive coverstock to create a ball that could only be called Sinister.
Spare +
ОписаниеTrack Spare + отличается от спэевых шаров других производителей.
Storm Byte
ОписаниеThis ball Bytes hard. The G2+™ Core helps bowlers create more ball motion and total hook.
Storm IQ Tour Gold
ОписаниеWhen considering a new ball, it’s important to determine your needs. Some players are looking for more control
Storm Reign of Power
ОписаниеStarting at the weight block, the heart of the matter, we showcased the uniquely-contoured C.A.M. ™
Storm Reign On
ОписаниеDescription: Are you looking for a skid-flip reaction that will be sure to get the competition's attention?
Storm Super Natural
ОписаниеFor the new Super Natural we set our goals high! We wanted to create a bowling ball like no other in the entire industry
Storm Sync
ОписаниеThe Sync core and cover are extremely responsive to friction and very smooth and continous when playing in the heavier
Storm Timeless
ОписаниеStorm has joined forces with multi PBA champion Jason Belmonte to create a ball that they feel will be timeless.
Taboo Spare
ОписаниеHammer introduces the Taboo Spare Ball which it claims is the nastiest polyester ball on the market! Hammer wanted to p
Track 100P Black Sparkle
ОписаниеThe Track 100P is designed with a pancake core surrounded by a Polyester Veneer. This creates a ball that is made to pic